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Picture of Alain Jaume Chateauneuf Du Pape "La Fontaine" '22 0.75L

Alain Jaume Chateauneuf Du Pape "La Fontaine" '22 0.75L


"La Fontaine" is a perfect area to produce the wonderful white Chateauneuf du Pape. The plots have a clay/sand and limestone texture and face north. This terroir allows Roussane to mature very well and also retain a wonderful level of freshness. Diverse composition of 100% Roussane. Color yellow-gold. The nose is rich in aromas of citrus fruits, tropical fruits, quince and honey, with a hint of vanilla. On the palate, the same aromas appear together with a fatness that combines exotic fruits and vanilla.

"La Fontaine" is often regarded as one of the best white Chateauneuf du Pape and is by definition an excellent wine for gastronomy. Enjoy between 1 and 8 years with fish dishes in sauce or foie gras, white meat and cheeses.


Alice Conegliano Valdobbiadene 2021 0.75L

Alice Coneglaino Extra Dry wine has a pale yellow color, with bright, sparkling, fine, continuous bubbles. It leaves a distinct aroma of fruits and flowers, - characteristic of Prosecco - such as honeysuckle, acacia, pear and apple. It is fresh, distinct, classy and delicate in the mouth. It accompanies appetizers, snacks, salads and the entire meal with equal ease. This is a true "passepartout" wine. Drink it with someone you care about!

Alice Doro Naturale 2021 0.75L

Doro is the name of the one and only vineyard from which this wine comes, produced from 100% Glera grapes. It has a pale yellow, bright and sparkling color with fine and continuous bubbles. Its aroma is distinct, reminiscent of fruits and flowers, -characteristic of Prosecco-, such as apple quince, bread crust and herbs. It is a balanced wine, dry, with crisp acidity and creaminess. Ideal as a side dish with savory pies, fish dishes and meat. Drink it with someone you love!
Picture of Alice Fondo Fermentazione White 0.75L

Alice Fondo Fermentazione White 0.75L

In recent years, the Col Fondo movement of cloudy Prosecco has become a trend. A Fondo is 100% Glera, SO2 free(Sulphur Dioxide), and is a bottle fermented Prosecco. Only the best grapes take place here and the resulting wine is amazing. It has a pale straw yellow color with a slight haze and aromas of green apple, white peaches, lychee, mint and honeysuckle. It is a salty, persistent, but balanced wine in the mouth. It is a true "wild card" in food that you can accompany it with appetizers, seafood or even pork lemonade. Alice Fondo Permentazione White is a Pet-Nat for Pet-Nat lovers!
Picture of Alice P.S Metodo Integrale Brut 0.75L

Alice P.S Metodo Integrale Brut 0.75L

Prosecco Alice PS Integrale is a graceful, gastronomic and elegant sparkling wine that invites you to drink it. It has a golden yellow color with subtle green highlights and is crystalline, elegant with fine bubbles. On the nose it is amazing with notes of lavender, white raspberry, kumquat, hazelnut and saffron. In the mouth it is earthy, pleasant, deliciously dry and persistent. A sparkling wine ideal for food, as it pairs well with delicious vegetable-based dishes such as a savory courgette and prosciutto pie or spaghetti with tomato and basil. Drink it with a bon vivant company!
Picture of Alta Vista Atemporal Assemblage Blanc '22 0.75L

Alta Vista Atemporal Assemblage Blanc '22 0.75L


Atemporal meaning timeless, which in turn means "without reference to time". It is the art of assembly. A blend of different varieties: Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc from the Albaneve vineyard (Uco Valley, Mendoza) and Torrontes from Cafayate (Salta). Only the Chardonnay matures in French oak barrels - second, third and fourth use - of 225 liters for 9 months.

Pleasant pale yellow color with greenish reflections. The nose is intense, with a wide variety of aromas ranging from tropical fruits - pineapple, lychee - and citrus, to flowers, such as jasmine. Balsamic notes reminiscent of pepper and cardamom are also revealed. On the palate, its acidity and freshness stand out, making it delicious with a somewhat salty finish. Enjoy it with soft and semi-hard cheeses with delicate flavors, white meat dishes and pasta with mild sauces.

Picture of Alta Vista Estate Premium Chardonnay '21 0.75L

Alta Vista Estate Premium Chardonnay '21 0.75L


Grapes from high altitude terroirs, located at 1000 meters above sea level. It is produced, vinified and aged within the estate. An Alta Vista style Chardonnay that retains the freshness and minerality of the Uco Valley terroir. Much of the production is matured in medium-burning French oak barrels using the battonage method. Aged in bottle for 4 months to increase aromatic complexity and presence in the mouth.

Clear, bright and slightly pale yellow with a golden hue. A fresh and lively wine with aromas of flowers, herbs and white fruits reminiscent of green apple and pineapple. Its aging in barrels and lees gives it subtle notes of toasted bread and hazelnuts. It is a very balanced white wine with a medium body, clean and crisp aftertaste. Enjoy it with seafood, fatty fish such as sea bass and grilled white meats such as pork and chicken.

Picture of Alta Vista Estate Premium Torrontes '20 0.75L

Alta Vista Estate Premium Torrontes '20 0.75L


The grapes for this Torrontes come from Cafayate, Salta. It is a floral white, very fresh and lively. Pale yellow color, clear and bright. It stands out for its strong aromas of citrus fruits, tropical fruits and white flowers. Lemon peel, tangerine, lychee, jasmine and acacia stand out. In the mouth it is also aromatic and fresh with a persistent aftertaste. Served as an aperitif, it awakens the senses and whets the appetite. It goes very well with fresh and cool salads, dishes with intense flavors, spicy food, Asian food or sushi, as well as grilled white meats.

Picture of Alta Vista Single Vineyard Olympe '21 White 0.75L

Alta Vista Single Vineyard Olympe '21 White 0.75L


Alta Vista's fresh white Single Vineyard Olympe is aromatic but not overwhelming. Typical Torrontes, notes of melon, green apple, lime, orange blossom, jasmine, lychee and some white pepper. Dry with medium body and very crisp acidity. It will accompany wonderful raw seafood, ceviche, spicy dishes, vegetarian recipes, varieties of cheeses and cured meats, as well as chicken and pork dishes.

Picture of Arione Asti DOCG Spumante 0,75L

Arione Asti DOCG Spumante 0,75L

This is a sweet sparkling wine from Moscato Canelli. Straw yellow to soft golden yellow color, elegant and rich bouquet of Moscato. With a delicate taste and fine bubbles, it is ideal for celebrations, parties and special events. Accompany it with cookies, cakes, sweets, fresh and dry fruits or even fruit cakes. Also perfect as an aperitif. Enjoy it cool at 6-8 °C.
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