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Picture of Carl Loewen Maximin Herrenberg 2022 0.75L

Carl Loewen Maximin Herrenberg 2022 0.75L


Winemaker Carl SchmittWagner decided to replant his best vineyard. He painstakingly selected only the best Rieslingvines for the focus of his renowned winery. In the year 1896 he planted Maximin Herrenberg with ungrafted Rieslingvines with 10,000 vines per hectare. A few years ago this very vineyard was ranked by the Prussian tax authority among the best sites along the Mosel. Today this vineyard still stands on its original site from 1896. This makes it probably the oldest vineyard in the world with ungrafted Rieslingvines of this size.

Maximin Herrenberg has a southern exposure of red slate. This very rare terroir gives the wines a unique structure. Coming straight from the Mosel River is the Maximin Herrenberg Riesling Alte Reben Trocken 1896. Clean, cool and spicy on the nose. Orange, kumquat and fennel stand out. In the mouth, it is rich, ripe, intense, excitingly clean, pure, salty, tasty and balanced. A Riesling with great elegance and finesse.

Picture of Carl Loewen Quant 2022 0.75L

Carl Loewen Quant 2022 0.75L


In the Mosel dialect, the word Quant describes something that is simply good: for example a delicious dinner in a nice atmosphere or fun with friends. This spirit represents Riesling Quant. The grapes ripen until October, so they can fully develop before they are harvested. During this late harvest the weather is already cold. The must reaches the cellar at low temperatures. Spontaneous fermentation takes weeks at these temperatures. These wines retain a small and natural amount of sugar. In addition they have a wonderful harmony together with a dry taste impression.

The elegance of the wine is exciting and makes the enjoyment simply Quant. This wine perfectly reflects Loewen's winemaking philosophy. Elegant and ripe aromas of pear, lemon and fresh herbs make this a charming, rich and balanced semi-dry Riesling. All this is confirmed by comments from great critics such as Robert Parker, Jancis Robinson, James Suckling and Stuart Pigott.

Picture of Carl Loewen Ritsch GG '22 0.75L

Carl Loewen Ritsch GG '22 0.75L

Only classified terroirs are allowed to be called Grosses Gewachs. Weingut Carl Loewen is proud to have estates that meet these high standards: Laurentiuslay, Ritsch and Maximin Herrenberg. Ritsch offers ideal conditions for Grosses Gewachs. The concentration of ripeness, mineral aromas and playful elegance is outstanding. Importantly, the wine retains the elegant character of Moselriesling despite the enormous concentration of aromas. Ritsch is harvested at the end of the harvest to ensure ideal ripening of the grapes. A surprisingly fresh wine that is impressively concentrated. Incredible minerality, metallicity and with a very long aftertaste. It has great aging potential!
Picture of Furst Von Metternich Trocken 0.75L

Furst Von Metternich Trocken 0.75L

Furst Von Metternich Riesling Sekt Trocken comes from the Furst Von Metternich winery located in Germany between the Wiesbaden and Lorch regions and is created from exceptional vineyards with 84% of them having the Riesling variety.
Picture of La Tour Les Grands Crus Schoenenbourg 2017 0.75L

La Tour Les Grands Crus Schoenenbourg 2017 0.75L

The Schoenenbourg hillside lies north of Riquewihr. Riesling is the dominant variety on this slope and gives a rich and complex wine, vinified in stainless steel tanks and large oak barrels. It has a straw yellow color with beautiful silver highlights, excellent finesse on the nose, aromas of ripe citrus fruits, passion fruit and lemon zest. In the mouth we find the fruity aromas of the nose as well as notes of caramel, apricot and peach. Goes well with good fish in sauce, scallops, white meats, pasta dishes and soft cheeses.
Picture of La Tour Riesling AOC Alsace 2020 0.75L

La Tour Riesling AOC Alsace 2020 0.75L

La Tour Riesling is an Alsatian Riesling that is vinified in both tanks and barrels. It has a soft platinum color, strong aromas of citrus and mineral elements and is aggressive in the mouth, with crisp, fresh and beautiful acidity. It is a gastronomic wine with a very good structure that you can accompany it with marinated meat in wine sauce, cabbage, fresh fish or soft shells. Another advantage is the very good value for money!
Picture of Von Winning Grainhubel GG Riesling 2021 0.75L

Von Winning Grainhubel GG Riesling 2021 0.75L

The Grainhubel GG is a southern slope with red sandstone and limestone on the ground. It ferments spontaneously in oak barrels of 500 liters and matures with the yeasts for 1.5 years. It is a charming, rich but refined Riesling, intense, spicy, salty with full body and concentration. Juicystonefruit aromas and a long aftertaste. It has aromas of juicy pome fruit and a long aftertaste and it will seduce you!
Picture of Von Winning Jesuitengarten 2021 0.75L

Von Winning Jesuitengarten 2021 0.75L

The winery behind Von Winning Jesuitengarten has a long history dating back to 1849. Today, the winery is known for its commitment to sustainable farming practices and minimal intervention winemaking techniques. The resulting wines are complex, expressive, and reflective of the unique terroir of the Pfalz region. Von Winning Jesuitengarten is a prime example of the winery's commitment to quality and sustainability, and is a wine that is sure to please Riesling lovers around the world.
Picture of Von Winning Kalkofen GG Riesling 2021 0.75L

Von Winning Kalkofen GG Riesling 2021 0.75L

Kalkofen GG is located on the plateau above Deidesheim. 65 year old vines grow on sandstone and limestone. It ferments spontaneously in 500 liter oak barrels and matures in yeast for 1.5 years. It has aromas of clove and vanilla and is dense, smooth, creamy, hedonistic with a full body and extremely juicy on the palate. It is a wonderful and delicious wine that you will surely enjoy!
Picture of Von Winning Kirchenstuck 2021 0.75L

Von Winning Kirchenstuck 2021 0.75L

Von Winning Kirchenstuck is a high-quality German Riesling wine produced by Weingut von Winning, a renowned winery located in the Pfalz wine region in Germany. The Kirchenstuck vineyard is one of the most famous and historically significant vineyards in the region, with a long tradition of producing exceptional wines. The vines in the vineyard are grown on steep slopes that face south-southeast, allowing for optimal exposure to the sun and excellent ripening conditions for the grapes. The soil in the vineyard is composed of limestone, clay, and sandstone, which adds unique mineral complexity to the wine.
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