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Picture of 2B Hemp Gin 0,5L

2B Hemp Gin 0,5L

2B Hemp Gin is a wonderful gin created by the idea of ??Armin Breini and Wolfgang Thomann, to combine the gin of one with the herbal drink of the other. With this combination comes a label with rich aromas and flavors.
Picture of Abnormal Vodka 0.7L 40%

Abnormal Vodka 0.7L 40%

This unique and captivating vodka pushes boundaries, delivering an extraordinary sensory experience that defies expectations. From its unconventional production methods to its bold flavor profile, Abnormal Vodka stands as a symbol of creativity and innovation.
Picture of Belvedere 10 0.7L 40%

Belvedere 10 0.7L 40%

The most immediately striking thing about Belvedere 10 is, of course, the bottle in which it comes. There are ten levels to the design, in keeping with the theme, with diamond shapes meant to recall the Diamond Rye used to make the vodka. After opening the bottle, a gold ring is revealed which is engraved with the brand name. Tasting notes from the brand describe a creamy mouthfeel with notes of honey, caramel, and green coffee on the palate, followed by a finish of dark chocolate and praline.
Picture of Berry Pickers Strawberry Gin 0,7L

Berry Pickers Strawberry Gin 0,7L

Berry Pickers Strawberry Gin comes from Spain and The Water Company. The strawberries from the Huelva are the ones that will make this label so special and will give it its rich aromas.
Picture of Bumbu XO Rum 0,70 40%

Bumbu XO Rum 0,70 40%

Bumbu XO Rum stands as a pinnacle of rum craftsmanship, capturing the essence of the Caribbean's finest rums in a single bottle. With its intricate blend of flavors, inviting aroma, and smooth finish, this expression exemplifies the indulgence and complexity that discerning rum enthusiasts seek.
Picture of Ktima Akrani Malagouzia Reg. Expressions 2022 0,75L

Ktima Akrani Malagouzia Reg. Expressions 2022 0,75L

Ktima Akrani Malagouzia Reg. Expressions is another excellent label from Triantaphyllopoulou Winery and the island of Kos. Made from 100% Malagouzia, this label immediately stands out thanks to the experience and know-how of the people of the winery. After the carefully selected grapes of the variety go through the distillation process, they are then separated.
Picture of Loimer Brut Rose Reserve 2020 0.75L

Loimer Brut Rose Reserve 2020 0.75L

Beautiful foam formation that lasts a long time and develops beautifully. Yeast notes, along with aromas of plum cake and cherry tart. This is a wine that shows its strength on the palate, with subtle fruit, white mandolato, hazelnut cake, very pleasant mouthfeel and wonderfully smooth acidity. It's so close to a champagne!
Picture of Marisco The Ned Sauvignon Blanc 2022 0.75L

Marisco The Ned Sauvignon Blanc 2022 0.75L

An expressive bouquet of lime zest, punchy herbs and gooseberry. The fleshy fruit core is focussed by a backbone of lively acidity, carrying classic varietal characters to a lengthy finish. The combination of the fresh acidity and delicate palate of this wine will lend itself well to seafoods and salads. Try alongside oysters with a mild vinaigrette, or a crab and artichoke salad.
Picture of Matamis Rose Bubbly 0.75L

Matamis Rose Bubbly 0.75L

Pink with violet pale color. Intense aroma of Moschato with fruity and honey notes. Taste rich and harmonic, pleasant and highly exuberant being followed by a gentle foaming. Dessert wine for mild kinds of cheese, as well as for the majority of fruit and sweets. It can be easily consumed alone any time of day!
Picture of Piccini Venetian Dress Prosecco Rose 0.75L

Piccini Venetian Dress Prosecco Rose 0.75L

Piccini Prosecco Rose is a sparkling rose wine with fine bubbles. This is a wine that is extremely fresh but also velvety on the palate with notes of ripe red berries and white flowers on the nose. Perfect and sparkling to enjoy on its own. Excellent as an aperitif but also with fatty fish, such as salmon or sushi. The more adventurous can also try it with a dessert based on red fruits like strawberries!
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