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Picture of Carl Loewen 1896 '22 Grey Label 0.75L

Carl Loewen 1896 '22 Grey Label 0.75L

Planted in 1896, Maximin Herrenberg is one of the oldest Riesling vineyards in the world. Fascinated by that time, they wondered at Carl Loewen's winery how the wines are made. They wanted to know if these centuries-old approaches were as good as today's modern techniques, or maybe even better! The hand picked grapes are transferred to the grape vats using the traditional "Hotte". Here the grapes are immediately pressed and thus the maceration process starts directly. For this purpose they procured an old basket-press that operated with the same techniques as in 1896. The result is a wine that shows the strengths of Riesling in a perfect way. It is a unique statement of consistency in our fast moving world. Stuart Pigott awarded this wine 100 points for James Suckling. It has an extremely complex nose of lemon, exotic fruits and spicy aromas. Rich with nice acidity and very concentrated, the palate is creamy, slightly sweet and silky with a long mineral aftertaste.
Picture of Carl Loewen Alte Reben Riesling '22 0.75L

Carl Loewen Alte Reben Riesling '22 0.75L


At the Loewen winery they grow vines that reach an almost biblical age. The roots go deep into the soil, so even in dry summers the small but golden yellow grapes reach a good level of ripeness. For Riesling "Alte Reben" the grapes are harvested from vines at least 50 years old. The yield of these vineyards is small, but the ripening of the grapes is excellent. The spontaneous fermentation that follows the harvest takes place over a period of 100 days and only a few days before bottling the yeast is removed.

The result is a wine that shows the full spectrum of Riesling aromas along with a wonderful richness and the elegance of a prima ballerina. Full and complex nose of stone fruit, quince, orange and lemon with some floral notes. Herbal and spicy. Juicy, expressive and well-structured with a long mineral aftertaste.

Picture of Carl Loewen Klostergarten Eiswein '21 0.375L

Carl Loewen Klostergarten Eiswein '21 0.375L

Classic Eiswein, spicy, concentrated on the nose with aromas of exotic fruits such as pineapple and mango. Juicy, sweet but spicy and refined on the palate. Gorgeous and elegant. This is an exciting Eiswein.
Picture of Carl Loewen Laurentiuslay Riesling '22 0.75L

Carl Loewen Laurentiuslay Riesling '22 0.75L


"Leiwener Laurentiuslay". This vineyard is one of the best Mosel has to offer. Owned by the Loewen winery since 1982, when they bought 6000 vines from one of the best vineyards of the Reichsgraf von Kesselstadt winery. Today the vineyard at Laurentiuslay is one hectare in size. Here they grow their best wines. They are very proud that this perception is shared by Hugh Johnson and Stuart Pigott who classified Laurentiuslay as a Grand Cru Site.

From a premier vineyard with vines up to 100 years old you will enjoy a deep and sophisticated bouquet with a savory sensation of pebbles, ripe citrus, lime, tobacco, herbs and spices. of crushed stones, lemon zest and herbs. In the mouth, it is lively and playful Riesling with class and style. The aftertaste is long, salty and spicy.
Picture of Carl Loewen Maximin Herrenberg 2022 0.75L

Carl Loewen Maximin Herrenberg 2022 0.75L


Winemaker Carl SchmittWagner decided to replant his best vineyard. He painstakingly selected only the best Rieslingvines for the focus of his renowned winery. In the year 1896 he planted Maximin Herrenberg with ungrafted Rieslingvines with 10,000 vines per hectare. A few years ago this very vineyard was ranked by the Prussian tax authority among the best sites along the Mosel. Today this vineyard still stands on its original site from 1896. This makes it probably the oldest vineyard in the world with ungrafted Rieslingvines of this size.

Maximin Herrenberg has a southern exposure of red slate. This very rare terroir gives the wines a unique structure. Coming straight from the Mosel River is the Maximin Herrenberg Riesling Alte Reben Trocken 1896. Clean, cool and spicy on the nose. Orange, kumquat and fennel stand out. In the mouth, it is rich, ripe, intense, excitingly clean, pure, salty, tasty and balanced. A Riesling with great elegance and finesse.

Picture of Carl Loewen Maximin Herrenberg GG '22 0.75L

Carl Loewen Maximin Herrenberg GG '22 0.75L

Maximin Herrenberg's sharpest point is the origin of Carl Loewen's Grosses Gewachs. In this parcel the shale is harder and poorer. Extreme conditions for man and the vine. The iron content of the shale is so high, it makes the shale red. In 1902 this part of Maximin Herrenberg was planted. These very old authoritarian vines still stand today and give great potential to this complex wine. Maximin Herrenberg GG always offers extremely intense ripe fruit, like ripe pears. Also, aromas of wild herbs combine with the mouth which is salty with aromas of stone fruit and slate.
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