Balcones Eclipse Texas Rye 0.7L 64%

Balcones Eclipse Texas Rye, is a distinct and robust spirit that showcases the craftsmanship of Balcones Distilling, a renowned distillery located in Waco, Texas. This exquisite rye whiskey is made primarily from raw Elbon Rye, a unique and flavorful grain originating from Texas. The result is a rich and complex flavor profile, characterized by notes of dark chocolate, dried fruit and a subtle spiciness.
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With its deep amber hue and enticing aroma, Balcones Eclipse Texas Rye Whisky offers a sensory journey that captivates both novice and seasoned whisky enthusiasts alike. The careful blending and aging process create a well-balanced expression, where the bold rye characteristics harmonize with the influence of oak, culminating in a memorable sipping experience!