About us

The history of EY.I.K begins in 1965, when Konstantinos Hatzigiakoumis founded the first form of the current company, selling food and electrical appliances to the residents of Kos island.

In 1975, the business became a fully operational company trading beverages and hotel equipment.

In 1993, the company offered an important development in the retail trade of Kos with Super Markets in the areas of Marmari, Tigaki, Mastichari and in Kos town.

In 2006, the company's continued growth led to a legal conversion to a Limited Liability Company with the expansion of imports and retail trade.

Today, the geographic radius of wholesale services reaches the islands of the Dodecanese where EY.I.K is considered the leading wholesale company. started its activity in 2022 with the company EY.I.K. to be managed.

At, you will find a range of more than 1000 carefully selected products from Greece and around the world, premium spirits, traditional as well as original drinks, as well as fine wines from individual vineyards, which are here to satisfy every discerning buyer and consumer!

Responding to the demands of the fluid world of wine and drink, which is constantly being specialized and renewed, we choose the best through exclusive collaborations in Greece and abroad and we propose products that express both the classic and the new global trends of the market.

Our team is constantly looking for new products always with a focus on quality and innovation, so our website is updated every time something new is added to our list.

Through your navigation on our website, you have the possibility to receive detailed information about all our products. Safety, comfortable navigation and reliability combined with competitive prices are our basic philosophy.

We are at your disposal, ready to serve you,

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