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Picture of CasalFarneto Cimaio Bianco 2017 0.75L

CasalFarneto Cimaio Bianco 2017 0.75L

CasalFarneto Cimaio is a wine of remarkable structure and elegance, smooth, enveloping, extremely pleasant, with subtle aromatic notes. It is yellow in color with golden highlights and exudes sweet notes of vanilla followed by ripe quince, fruit, honey, almond and spice notes. In the mouth it has a wonderful structure, full body, minerality, it is slightly bitter but rounded, soft, warm, salty and very persistent. A meditative wine, excellent with very mature cheeses or with very salty and difficult dishes, fish soup, cod, liver and foie gras.

CasalFarneto Cimare Rosso 2020 0.75L

This is a wine with an intense ruby color, rich and elegant aromas of flowers, fresh red fruits, berries, spices and spicy notes of vanilla. It is harmonious in the mouth, with good structure, warm, smooth with light and pleasant tannins, modern, elegant and very pleasant. Pairs well with everything savory and structured, first courses with red sauces, tagliatelle with meat sauce, barbecue, grilled red meats, game, cured meats as well as aged cheeses.
Picture of CasalFarneto Classico Verdicchio 2021 0.75L

CasalFarneto Classico Verdicchio 2021 0.75L

It is a wine of great varietal expression. It has a straw yellow color with greenish highlights and rich aromas with a persistent expression of white flowers, white fruits and citrus fruits with mineral notes. In the mouth, the taste confirms the aromas that develop and thus a balance between smell and taste emerges. It is fine, fresh, crisp and persistent with a lingering almond aftertaste. Accompany it with hot and cold appetizers, first courses with white sauces and dishes based on mushrooms and seafood.
Picture of CasalFarneto Crisio 2018 0.75L

CasalFarneto Crisio 2018 0.75L

Crisio comes out of different stages and moments. It is a wonderful "Verdicchio Riserva", an aging wine, which can be consumed even after eight to ten years of age. It has a straw yellow color with greenish highlights and a strong aromatic note of freshness of persistent citrus aromas, white flowers, ripe white fruits and herbs. It is a full-bodied, complex, elegant, fresh, mineral, very tasty wine with pleasant acidity and persistent almond aftertaste, characteristic of Verdicchio wines. It pairs beautifully with any seafood main course, such as shellfish or sushi, but is also perfect with first courses garnished with aromatic herbs, mushrooms, truffles or semi-ripened cheeses. Try it with a veloute fish soup and you won't be disappointed!
Picture of CasalFarneto Fontevecchia 2020 0.75L

CasalFarneto Fontevecchia 2020 0.75L

Fontevecchia is one of the most popular wines produced by CasalFarneto Wine Estate. It has a straw yellow color with greenish highlights and broad, fresh and persistent aromas reminiscent of lime, white flowers, almond and summer fruits. It is a wine of exceptional expression, elegant and very pleasant on the palate that stands out for the wide range of fruity and floral aromas that complement and balance the nose. It goes well with hot or cold appetizers, white first courses, mushrooms and truffles, white meats and is excellent with any dish containing seafood, whether simple or gourmet. It's also great as an aperitif!
Picture of CasalFarneto Montepulciano 2020 0.75L

CasalFarneto Montepulciano 2020 0.75L

Montepulciano d'Abruzzo is the pioneer in the red wine tradition of central Italy, especially the mountainous regions of Abruzzo. Purple color with purple highlights, intense aromas with notes of red fruit, tobacco, licorice and spices are some of its main characteristics. At the first sip, this wine conquers you with the smoothness, harmony and freshness of intense fruit aromas. Accompany first courses with meat sauces, grilled meats, grilled lamb, sausages and seasoned cheeses.
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