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Picture of Arione Asti DOCG Spumante 0,75L

Arione Asti DOCG Spumante 0,75L

This is a sweet sparkling wine from Moscato Canelli. Straw yellow to soft golden yellow color, elegant and rich bouquet of Moscato. With a delicate taste and fine bubbles, it is ideal for celebrations, parties and special events. Accompany it with cookies, cakes, sweets, fresh and dry fruits or even fruit cakes. Also perfect as an aperitif. Enjoy it cool at 6-8 °C.
Picture of Arione Barbaresco DOCG 2015 0.75L

Arione Barbaresco DOCG 2015 0.75L

This is an excellent wine made from 100% Nebbiolo grapes. The intense bouquet stands out with pleasant notes of violets and red fruits and in the mouth this particular Barbaresco has a complex, full and persistent structure. This wine can be aged up to about 10 years. It is a wine of intense elegance and is ideally combined with mature cheeses, game, grilled red meats and delicate roasts.
Picture of Arione Barbera D'Asti DOCG 2020 0.75L

Arione Barbera D'Asti DOCG 2020 0.75L

Its color is bright ruby and the nose is intense, with a pleasant note of flowers and red fruits. On the palate, a tannic, round and soft flavor is perceived. It is a wine that offers finesse and is tasted on every occasion. Perfect with typical Italian pasta and rice dishes that pairs well with grilled stews and braised meats. Barbera d'Asti is also ideal in summer with fresh cheeses and vegetables.
Picture of Arione Barolo DOCG 2017 0.75L

Arione Barolo DOCG 2017 0.75L

The color of Barolo is grenache with orange highlights. Its aromatic profile is intense and highly complex, with notes that tend to be fruity and floral, such as violet and vanilla, or tertiary such as spice. Its "hard" components are pleasant, acidity and tannins, but at the same time the "soft" are pleasant and balanced, like alcohol. Thanks to the intensity and exceptional persistence, they make Barolo the undisputed "King of wines", famous all over the world. Accompany game stew, grilled or stewed red meat and mature cheeses.
Picture of Arione Brut Spumante 0,75L

Arione Brut Spumante 0,75L

Dry sparkling straw yellow wine, delicate aroma of wild flowers, dry and salty taste with a fresh and harmonious aftertaste. It is ideal for moments of relaxation and eating and you can accompany it with sandwiches, appetizers, fish soups, salty fish, vegetable-based dishes, pasta with white sauces, risotto and other dishes typical of Mediterranean cuisine. Drink it cool at 6-8 °C.
Picture of Arione Mama Lemon 0,75L

Arione Mama Lemon 0,75L

A drink born from the Arione experience. An incredible combination of high quality wine from Moscato grapes and fresh lemon juice from the best suppliers of Southern Italy, give a unique and incomparable taste. Light straw yellow color with intense citrus and lemon notes leave a summer citrus freshness, accompanied by a pleasant aftertaste with a long duration. Mama Lemon is ideal for sparkling aperitifs or to accompany fruit and desserts. Also try it in different versions of the cocktail! Drink it cool at 5-7 °C.
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