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Picture of Aperol 1L 11%

Aperol 1L 11%

Aperol is the perfect aperitif. Its history begins in 1919 in Padova, Italy, where it premiered in a major exhibition of the time. Its recipe remains secret and unchanged since its foundation. In its homeland it is enjoyed by 3.5 million fanatical fans, while in recent years it has been very successful in countries such as Germany and Austria, since in addition to a perfect aperitif, it is also the ideal base for many cool cocktails.
Picture of Campari Bitter 1L 25%

Campari Bitter 1L 25%

The story of Campari Bitter began in 1860, when barman Gaspare Campari, had the idea to try to invent various cocktails in the basement of his house in the city of Novara.
Picture of CasalFarneto Vermouth Bianco 0,75L

CasalFarneto Vermouth Bianco 0,75L

CasalFarneto Vermouth Bianco is an aromatic wine with an amber color, characteristic of the classic vermouth. It is a wine that combines aromas of artemisia, elderberry and thyme. It has aromatic complexity, soft but complex and persistent taste. It can be easily consumed plain or added to a cocktail!
Picture of CasalFarneto Vermouth Rosso 0,75L

CasalFarneto Vermouth Rosso 0,75L

The unique characteristics of dry white wine merge with infusions of absinthe and aromatic herbs and impart to this drink citrus notes and aromas of balsamic, spices and mint with a bitter aftertaste. Modern and vintage at the same time, Red Vermouth embraces the essence of a great Italian aperitif. Its smooth taste makes it suitable for the most unusual pairings such as angostura, whiskey, honey, juniper and vodka.
Picture of Ottos Athens Vermouth 0.75L 17%

Ottos Athens Vermouth 0.75L 17%

Otto's Athens Vermouth is a Vermouth with a Greek signature. Its recipe is based on the first Athenian Vermouth, created by Ioannis Voucher, the first distiller in Athens, during the years when it became the capital of Greece.
Picture of Pernod 1L 40%

Pernod 1L 40%

Pernod is an aperitif that was first created in 1792 in France by a doctor and is produced by distillation without licorice, which makes it lighter and easier to mix.
Picture of Pimm's Cup No1 1L 25%

Pimm's Cup No1 1L 25%

Pimm's No1 was created in 1823 by James Pimm, who claimed that this drink was a digestive aid. It is an English brand with gin as the main ingredient, enhanced with various herbs and spices. Only 6 people know this secret recipe of Pimm's No1.